We´re introducing the engine, designed with water cooling system

The new R250 is coming, a powerful and sophisticated engine.

These are its main advantages:

  • Better temperature control
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Quieter motors
  • Low energy consumption 
The first thing to know, is that this cooling system  called by water does not mean that its performance is simply  water. It uses a water-based coolant with special additives and lime free that runs through the cylinder walls and cylinder head. Despite of being a not so economic system comparing it with the air one (since it has more elements) is better and more effective.
The main components of the water cooling system are:
  • Coolant.
  • Thermostat.
  • Water Pump.
  • Radiator.
  • Water chambers.
  • Fan.
  • Expansion tank.
  • Water hoses.

Let’s explain in a simple way how it would work:

When the engine is cold, no water flows through the cylinder walls, the combustion chamber or the cylinder head, as the thermostat closes the coolant to the last components in order to reach the optimum operating temperature as fast as possible.
Once the temperature is reached, the thermostat opens, but the water to go to the walls of the cylinder needs a force to circulate inside the circuit, for this a water pump is placed. Once refrigerated, it is due to its cooling power that steals the heat and takes it with it. This coolant then passes through an air / water radiator that exposes this hot liquid to the air and manages to get rid of its high temperature.

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